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Christy Grace is a Wisconsin-based multidisciplinary professional artist and illustrator. Under her business name, Art of Christy, she celebrates 'all things curious' through art, illustration, murals, and art jewelry. Her style for this portion of her work is a magical intersection of art, science, humor, nature, and curiosity. 

about her

Christy Grace was born in Milwaukee, WI, and has lived most of her life in the Madison, WI area. Christy's creativity has been part of her since she was very young. Some of her early memories include illustrating her own stories, resourcefully creating intricate worlds from household items, and watching her shadow run next to her on the playground, pretending it was a unicorn with a long, flowing mane. She loved nature, too, spending many childhood summers catching toads and snakes and raising monarchs from eggs to butterflies.

Christy Grace continued following her creative spirit through various artistic jobs including cake decorating, face and body painting, commissioned and personal work, and then graphic design after graduating with a degree from Madison College. A few years after marrying her husband Mark, she leapt into full-time professional art. Around that time Christy was experiencing infertility and lots of pain, which turned out to be stage IV endometriosis. After multiple surgeries and procedures, she was able to conceive and was overjoyed. 

Unfortunately, the pregnancy triggered further chronic illnesses in her body. Christy found ways of working through some of the pain, exhaustion, and emotional distress by channeling it into art. You can learn more about this journey and body of work here.

Beyond the illnesses, Christy adores being a mom to her daughter. The experiences of pregnancy and seeing her daughter learning and growing reinvigorated her sense of wonder. Sharing her love for art and nature with her daughter has been one of her greatest joys.


This love has worked its way into many parts of her art through her paintings, drawings, and murals. You can find pieces of the treasures Christy and her daughter have found on their nature walks in some of her art jewelry in her Etsy Store. Grace even created a coloring book during the early months of the pandemic called Alphabeticorns! based on a bedtime routine with her daughter and their mutual love of magical creatures. 

Imagination Shadow Box
Insectoid Griffin
Fawn Shadow Box
Mermaid Shadow Box
Junk Monster 1
Junk Monster 2
Possom On Pointe
Owl Shadow Box
Alphabeticorns, The Coloring Book
Narwhal Teatime
Bloodsucker Dragon
Pangolin Loves Artichoke
Roach Pig
Orin's Horse
Sand Worm
Ratea / Pinkies Up
Lonnie_IIV, The Creator
Magical Luli
Mitten Bernie
Seagull Shadow Box
OctoKittyCorn II
Panda With Bamboo Wreath
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