A note to the reader from the artist:
Welcome to #100daysofscribblesketch, my extension of #the100dayproject ( started in the spring of 2017. My father used to play this game with my sister and me when we were young. One person would scribble and another would find shapes in the scribble and create a new image. This project started as a challenge to create art every day but it turned into so much more.

Near the beginning of the series, my husband had a near death experience. He was very ill for two weeks and though we went in and out of urgent care, the ER, and the clinic, the doctors didn’t discover what was wrong. While in the ER the second time, a lumbar puncture was ordered and he was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. It had spiraled to the point where he was not speaking clearly and it was very terrifying. He was admitted into the ICU and put on antibiotics immediately. The following three weeks were spent in the hospital where the doctors found that the infection had spread everywhere in his body but had especially affected his heart, brain, and blood. There were abscesses found in his brain and a vegetation (infection) on the mitral valve in his heart which required open heart surgery and a mechanical replacement valve. He is now home and healing but the life of my husband, my daughter, and myself was extremely rocked and my husband’s body will never be the same.

Through this trauma I continued to create. I brought my watercolors to the hospital, asked nurses, doctors, and visitors to scribble, and painted while keeping my husband company. I asked for scribbles from friends and family who brought us food and encouragement in the hospital and my husband’s sister collected scribbles from her fellow chaplains. Creating was a way of keeping my mind in a safe and positive place, keeping my hands busy when I could do nothing else to help, and to expel stress and nervous energy. I am so grateful I had this kind of outlet during the whole situation.

I really enjoyed the entire process - from seeing people think about what they should scribble to finding images and stories hidden in the lines to painting and bringing the art to life and sharing it. I loved hearing how it brought joy to people and that they looked forward to seeing the art each day. That really made my heart happy. I hope you are also inspired to not only create art but to use it for the good of your health and happiness!

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Scribble Sketches 1-25
Scribble Sketch 26-50
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