Becoming an illustrator is a huge part of "what I want to be when I grow up". If I could use my art to help tell stories and to create in depth characters that assist in taking the reader to another world, I am happy. Though this was always a part of my dream, I never allowed myself to follow it because that would mean dropping a lot of the plates I was spinning. It took two chronic illnesses and having a baby to make me reevaluate what I really wanted to see in my life. Once I did, I found there was space for illustration and that my introverted ways craved the quiet sketching and painting inside my home studio while drinking tea and listening to music. I hope to grow this work and am very excited about the children's books that are on the way to being published.

The Wolf Queen 

Story by Windy Phillips, illustrations by Christy Grace
Currently seeking a publisher.

The Voyage of Ché

Story by Shannon Morrison, illustrations by Christy Grace
Published by La Puerta Publications, Available on Amazon in English and Spanish

Various Illustrations

A variety of illustrations for books, articles, covers, poetry, events, and just for fun,  All created by Christy Grace.